In 1961, Michael Cassidy, a young South African, set out on an exploratory visit to 31 major cities of Africa.  God opened door after door during that trip and Michael was convinced that his calling was to evangelism in the cities of Africa, and specially to its leadership circles. During that trip Michael went for a long walk on the beach to spend time with the Lord. An excerpt from the book African Harvest recalls the experience:

"Suddenly, on impulse, Michael drew a vast outline of Africa in the sand. He scrawled: ‘Claimed for Jesus Christ’ inside it.
He wrote in his diary ‘I also asked God for 50 years of ministry in Africa.’"

From that conviction the Mission of African Enterprise was clear:  "To evangelise the cities of Africa through word and deed in partnership with the church". 

The first AE city-wide mission was held the following year in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. The mission was extraordinarily successful with many acknowledging Jesus as Lord and Saviour and committing themselves to follow him. This year, 2012, AE's Jubilee Mission in Pietermaritzburg is from August 12th to 19th.




We are a Christian interdenominational, multicultural minisry, encompassing four key areas, all with the final goal of building God's Kingdom through touching lives with His Gospel and His word.  These four areas are:


  • Evangelism
  • Aid & Development
  • Peacebuilding
  • Leadership Development

Our scope is "Urban Africa".  AE Leaders areAfrican nationals who work with local Church and parachurch Leaders and congregations to reach out to African cities.  AE's ultimate vision is to see an Africa of peace and justice through the spiritual renewal and transformed lives of thousands of active Christians.

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