Through our dedicated Evangelists and inspirational Foxfire Youth Teams, more than 1 million people are given the opportunity to respond to the gospel every year through AE's ministry. There is no greater miracle or joy than seeing people come to new life in Christ.


Each year AE is engaged in multiple small scale evangelistic events across the continent and selected city-wide Missions which reach every  part of the local Community. The missions range from week-long large-scale Events in capital cities to 2-3 day Missions in rural areas. Each mission has three key elements:


Training and Encouraging


AE works with the Churches in a city for up to 3 years ahead of a proclamation mission. In that time our goal is to train, equip and encourage the church to reach their own surroundings with the Gospel. 




We are committed to seeing the whole Church working together to promote the gospel. We seek to unite both Churches and other Christian agencies in outreach. This work often involves Reconciliation Ministry with congregations which has as much impact on the direct Evangelism.




We both train and equip often for Evangelism - and do it ourselves! Our aim in each Mission is to reach every strata of society with the gospel. In our major missions we will have up to 100 meetings a day in factories, businesses, schools, parliament, marketplaces, prisons and hospitals. We take the gospel to where people are.  New converts are then channelled into the Churches for follow up and discipleship.




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